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I’m just a melon eater ignorant of the facts

The sizzling summer is the best season to eat watermelon.


Get out of the house and pick a big watermelon



Then, back into the air-conditioned room, while enjoying the melon, post casually on the internet forums, "我只是一个不明真相的吃瓜群众" (Literally, "I'm just a melon eater ignorant of the facts"). What a life!


So, 吃瓜群众= melon eaters?


Oh, no, of course not. 


In fact, "我只是一个不明真相的吃瓜群众" (wǒ zhǐ shì yī gè bù míng zhēn xiàng de chī guā qún zhòng) has been adapted from the internet slang term "不明真相的围观群众" (bù míng zhēn xiàng de wéi guān qún zhòng), which refers to those onlookers who have witnessed the whole course of a sensational event but keep ignorant of the fact.  


The connotation of "吃瓜" (chī guā) originates from a piece of social news. In a video showing high school girls fighting, a girl onlooker is seen eating watermelon all the way. This girl has then been dubbed as "吃瓜群众" by Chinese netizens. Thus, "吃瓜" has the connotation of "look on" . "不明真相的围观群众" turned into the picturesque "吃瓜群众".


However, some people believe that "瓜" here is the abbreviation of "瓜子" (guāzi; melon seeds) rather than "西瓜" (xī guā; watermelon).


On various Chinese social networks, such slang as "前排出售瓜子饮料小板凳,坐等好戏" (Literally, I'm waiting for the wonderful performance while selling melon seeds, drinks and stools in the front seat) and "前排吃瓜子" (Literally, eat melon seeds in the front seat) are often employed by the net potatoes who want to be the first commenters. "吃瓜群众" are these netizens. 


And, it reminds me of the scene: a group of people sit around, cracking melon seeds, gossiping and enjoying the drama.


In short, "吃瓜群众" is a new slang word created by the humorous netizens by integrating "不明真相的围观群众" in different news events and "前排吃瓜子" & "前排吃瓜" on social networks. 


"吃瓜" = look on


Either eating watermelon or cracking melon seeds is the posture of onlookers. They are ready to watch what will be on, but will never get themselves involved. Surely, they say to themselves in the mind, "I'm just eating watermelon, in silence." 


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