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How to use a squat toilet in China


As a Westerner living, working or traveling in China, you'll inevitably run into the disorientation due to the unfamiliar culture, way of life or attitudes. You'll find something weird and frustrating, but it's just a common thing people do that way – such as using a squat toilet, which is used by squatting rather than sitting. The only way out is to do as the Chinese do. The followings are some tips on using a squat toilet properly. 

1. Lower your pants to your ankles. 

2. Face the right way. 

3. Stand over the toilet with one foot on each side.

4. Squat all the way down, positioning your bottom at about ankle level, close to the toilet. If it's difficult for you to keep balance, try hugging your knees for support. Avoid squatting directly over the hole as this can splash water back up when using the toilet. 

5. Wipe and flush. It's wise to take toilet paper with you. Don't put anything into the hole to avoid plugging. 

A surprise here! Experts say that using a squat toilet is good for health: 

1. Squatting might help to build the required exhaust pressure more comfortably and quickly. 

2. Squatting makes elimination faster, easier and more complete. 

3. For pregnant women, squatting avoids pressure on the uterus when using the toilet. Daily squatting helps prepare the mother-to-be for a more natural delivery. 

4. Squatting may reduce the occurrence or severity of hemorrhoids and possibly other colorectal disorders such as diverticulosis and appendicitis. 

For those still unaccustomed to using a squat toilet, doing Asian squat exercises can help you build up the leg muscles. 

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