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Is 手癌 (shǒu ái) a hand disease?

We've talked about "直男癌" (zhí nán ái). Today, We'd like to introduce you another 癌-suffixed slang term – "手癌"  (shǒu ái), or "hand cancer" literally.

伙伴们,我们之前给大家介绍过"直男癌"小编今天要给大家介绍另一个"癌"系列网络热词——"手癌(shǒu ái)"。

Oh, no! It is not "吃粪" (eat shit). Listen, I didn't mean it that way. 


Speaking of "手癌", I think you all must have known the character "手" (hand). By contrast, "癌" may seem difficult to you. Containing the radical "疒" ("disease radical" literally), which indicates the character is related to a disease, and the word "癌" means "cancer" in English. Horrible, isn't it? But don't get scared. "手癌" is indeed not a real disease. As shown in the screenshot above, it refers to a phenomenon of making mistakes by typing wrong characters or using wrong emojis or pictures on network platforms or social Apps. 


"手癌患者" (shǒu ái huàn zhě; hand cancer sufferers) are the people who usually make such mistakes in typing characters.

"手癌患者(shǒu ái huàn zhě)"所指的就是经常犯这种错误的人群。

Clinical manifestations of "手癌":


1. The character sent by mistake shares the similar or same sound with the correct one intended to be sent. They are completely unrelated in meaning. The wrong character has nothing to do with what is being talked about.


2. Such a mistake happens to be a laughter or equivoque. 


Features of "手癌患者":


1. They prefer the Pinyin input method for Chinese characters typing. 


2. They usually do not check the characters before sending.


Therapy for "手癌":      


1. Slow down and slow down when typing words.


2.Have a second look before sending the words. 


Personally, "手癌" doesn't have to be treated. An unintentional "手癌" always makes others sidesplitting, and laughter makes us always look younger, so it is indeed an unexpected joy. I must admit I am a late-stage "手癌" sufferer. Nevertheless, I have finished this article smoothly and correctly. What a job!


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