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What do foreigners think of Chinese TV series ‘The Mystic Nine’?

The drama The Mystic Nine is a prequel to The Lost Tomb in which the story focuses on the exploits of the nine grave robbing families in the 1940s. With the help of his friends Fortune Teller Qi Tie Zue and Opera Singer Er Yue Hong, General Zhang Qi Shan entered into a strange mine to discover a mysterious ancient tomb. After many untold dangers, he uncovered a Japanese plot to kill the residents of Changsha city. The men banded together to stop the Japanese's plot, thereby saving their city.


There are many fans of The Lost Tomb overseas, and what do they think of this latest hot TV play The Mystic Nine?



Excited about this!! William looks so handsome in the theme video. Let's hope his acting is not like the robot of Zu Mountain!


@Julianne Lin:

Started watching right away. To be honest, William is super hot and super cool here, but his character's still kind of bland so far. Overall though, loving Er Yue Hong. Cool, collected, but still mysterious, yet gentle. Him and Ya Tou are so sweet. I think Zhao Li Ying's appearing in ep 9 or 10 now.


All together, liking this WAY more than Lost Tomb. This really feels like the Grave Robbing series it is. It's hell-a creepy. Way scarier (for me, I'm a pansy) than i expected, and love the 9 families history, alliance, and the setting. It really truly feels like a Nan Pai San Shu (Uncle Three) story finally.



It didn't have the addictive quality I was looking for but so far so good. There are some sub-plots where I really can't find in myself to care for but I guess that's what the fast forward button is for. I finally managed to catch Li Ying (the real reason I'm watching this, really) and from what little I've seen of her character, she's awesome already. I really can't wait for her to start winning over William Chan's character.


Of course, some people have different opinions about it:



I personally find William Chan a mediocre actor but his no-nonsense character here (with a wry sense of humour) suits his appeal. And he's positively smoldering in that uniform. As for Yi Xing, he's still pretty green and he's not too convincing at portraying the conflicted, loving family man his character is. Everyone else is pretty great though. Ba Ye (the 8th) is my favorite character by far, he's freaking hilarious.



This is totally diffident then what i usually watch, but I find it very enticing and mystifying…I don't understand why they dub over with a diffident voice, it ruins the whole character, specially since I'm used to Yixing's voice… I don't know if it's Chan William true voice but it suits him…



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