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10 most useful Chinese words for traveling in China

It's exciting to travel around China, if a non-Chinese speaker can recognize some Chinese and do everything on his own. We've collected 10 Chinese words that will appear most frequently in your trip. Keep them in mind, and you'll finish your trip without troubles, no matter whether you have learned Chinese before. 


1. 网吧 wǎng bā 

At the very least, you want to be able to go online and find what you need..


2. 男 nán = male

3. 女 nǚ = female

They are useful for you to go into the correct restroom. 


4. 公厕 gōng cè = public toilet

These two characters are usually outside. There are other ways to say restroom as well that you may see inside (for example, inside a restaurant):


洗手间 xǐ shǒu jiān = restroom [wash hands room]

卫生间 wèi shēng jiān = restroom [sanitation room]

5. 住宿 zhù sù = lodging

If you've got low standards, these little characters are your all-access pass to cheap lodging. This is the kind of hotel or hostel young Chinese people stay at when traveling on a budget.


6. 兰州 Lán zhōu = a place good noodles come from

If you're hungry and you don't know what to eat, look for the "three lines with bunny ears" and all your gastrointestinal strife will be over. Most every good-sized town in China has one of these eateries. Things to order include:


jī dàn lā miàn 鸡蛋拉面 (hand-pulled noodles with egg)

niú ròu lā miàn 牛肉拉面 (hand-pulled noodles with beef)

dàn chǎo fàn 蛋炒饭 (fried rice with egg)

But usually they have big picture posters that you can just point and grunt at. 


7. 洗 xǐ = wash

If you're out traveling for more than a few days, you might want to do a little laundry (saves buying new clothes everywhere). You need to find a laundry place (usually not a self-service laundromat). It may be something like:


洗衣店 yī diàn = laundry shop

干洗店 gān xǐ diàn = dry cleaning shop

8. 汽车站 qì chē zhàn = bus stop 

9. 火车站 huǒ chē zhàn = train station 

10. (飞)机场 (fēi) jī chǎng = airport 

When coming in or out of a city, you're probably going to be passing through one of these three places. If you open up a map, or watch for street signs, it'll help to know what these look like.


Have a great trip! (lǚ tú yú kuài, yí lù shùnfēng)!


The article is translated and editted by Chinlingo. Please indicate the source for any use, reproduction or transfer. 



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