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5 easy ways to learn Chinese language as a foreigner

Is Chinese the most difficult language for the Westerners to learn? Absolutely not! Try to throw aside all your fears, excuses and imaginary obstacles and just get started, then you'll realize that Chinese is not as hard as you thought.


Now empty your mind. Just follow the five easy ways to learn Chinese language


1. Practice with a native speaker


In learning a new language, the most direct and efficient approach is to practice speaking with a native speaker. Even a 5-minute conversation with simple greetings is better than nothing. They can easily correct any grammar or pronunciation mistakes you make and introduce you to more informal or colloquial expressions that you won't find in a textbook. If you don't have any Chinese-speaking friends nearby, don't be depressed. Try finding someone on Skype, Weibo (Chinese Twitter) or WeChat, the most popular social media in China. 

学习一门新语言,最直接有效的方式就是和以这种语言为母语的人练习口语。即使是5分钟简单的打招呼对话练习也是好的。他们很容易就能帮你纠正任何语法或发音错误,并教你一些更为口语化的日常表达,这些可是书本里没有的哦。如果你身边没有说中文的朋友,也不必沮丧。试试在skype, 微博或是微信上找些人,这些社交平台在中国很火的。

2. Order a meal at the local restaurants in Chinatown


As you may know, Chinatown is a place with menus all in Chinese. Most of the patrons there are Chinese too. You can not only learn the basic vocabulary about Chinese dishes, but also enjoy tastier, more authentic foods. What a good option, isn't it? 


3. Watch Chinese movies or TV shows


Learning Chinese language can be also very relaxing and entertaining. Select some Chinese movies or TV shows to get a feel for the sound and structure of the Mandarin Chinese. During watching, you need to hear the tones and the language points in the storyline, in order to fully embrace the language. If you're feeling difficult to follow it, pause the video after hearing a simple sentence and repeat what has just been said. 


4. Listen to Chinese songs


Quite a few foreigners fall for the Chinese language through Chinese songs. Even if you fail to understand everything, you can try to pick out keywords to help you get some ideas about what's being said. If you are an outgoing person, try karaoke! Alternatively, download Chinese music apps or podcasts for listening when you're on the go. 


5. Take a trip to China


Taking a trip to China should be the best way to immerse yourself in the Chinese language. It is also an absolutely wonderful way to experience the country itself — magnificent scenery, delicious food, hospitable people and abundant culture. If you stay there for a period, say 6 months, and blend yourself in local people, you may get an authentic Chinese accent.  


With these five easy ways to learn Chinese language, do you still consider Chinese as the most difficult language in the world? Only if you want it to be!


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