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10 most awesome triple-lapped Chinese characters

Chinese characters are one of the most ancient scripts in the world. There are no accurate statistics about the total number of characters, but there are nearly 100,000. In our daily life, only thousands of characters are often used.


Here are the top 10 most awesome Chinese characters voted by Chinese netizens. If you are able to recognize at least 5 of them, you will be absolutely worth the title "master". Look at them carefully. How many of them do you know actually?


1. The most slippery character "鱻" (xiān) 


This character is composed of three "鱼" (yú), which on their own means "fish". It is the variant of "鲜", and is pronounced "xiān" as well. It referred to raw fish originally. Now, it means "fresh; bright and beautiful", and refers to delicious and seasonable food as well. 


2. The most lively character "猋" (biāo)


The character is pronounced "biāo". "犬" in Chinese refers to dogs. In the character "猋", three dogs are connected together giving the appearance that they are running fast, so the character means "speedy; dashing". 


3. The most violent character "麤"


As the variant of "粗", the character is pronounced "cū" as well. It is composed of a big "鹿" (deer) on the top and two small "鹿" at the bottom, as if they fight with one another forcefully. Thus, the character means "violence". 


4. The most smelly character "羴" 


As a variant of "膻", the character is pronounced "shān" as well. It is composed of three "羊" (sheep or goat). How would a person smell immediately after he or she leaves a flock of goats? Smelly, of course. There is an idiom in Chinese, "趋腥附膻" (qū xīng fù shān), which is a metaphor for "one's attachment to dignitary". "膻" is the smell of mutton.


5. The most sensitive character "毳" 


The character is pronounced "cuī". Composed of three "毛", it refers to very fine hairs which help transmit senses to the human body. It is called "毳毛" medically, and is commonly known as "寒毛".


6. The most cruel character "蠱" (gǔ) 


The character is pronounced "gǔ". "虫" in Chinese refers to insects. In ancient times, Chinese people put insects in a container and let them fight with one another for amusement. The last surviving insect was often the most poisonous one, and called "蠱". 


7. The most expensive character "赑" 


The character is pronounced "bì". "贝" in Chinese refers to a conch shell. Ancient Chinese people used conch shells as a form of currency. This character contains three "贝", so it obviously stands for very expensive and important things. 

这个字读"必"。"贝" 是"贝壳"的意思。古人用贝壳作为货币。这个汉字包含三个"贝",足见它的昂贵。

8. The most rustic character "垚"


The character is pronounced "yáo". It consists of three "土", which means "soil; earth", so it is called the most rustic Chinese character. In fact, it is commonly used to describe things that are extremely high (especially the mountains). 


9. The most powerful character "犇"


As a variant of "奔", this character is pronounced "bēn" as well. A bull is powerful, leave alone "犇", which is composed of three "牛" (cattle). Actually, the character means "run; rush". 


10. The most illicit character "姦" 


The character is pronounced "jiān". It is composed of three "女". Similar to "奸", "姦" has a number of negative meanings, such as "to fornicate" and "to defile". It is of the strong erotic or intimate tone. 


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