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Top 10 lucky Chinese characters

Before the Spring Festival in 2015, the luxury brand Burberry put a new Chinese-style scarf on the market. The scarf is embroidered with the Chinese character "fu" (福), which means "luck" and "good fortune." 

奢侈品牌巴宝莉在2015年春节前夕推出了一款中国风的围巾。这款围巾上绣着意为"幸运、福气"的中国汉字"福" (fú)。

Besides "福", there are many other "lucky characters" in Chinese, and we list the top 10 as follows.



1. (fú)- good fortune


Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters during the Chinese New Year period. It is often posted upside down on the front door, meaning "Good fortune has arrived". (In Chinese, "arrive" and "upside down" share the same pronunciation, dào.) 

"福"是春节期间最受欢迎的一个汉字。"福"经常倒着贴在门上,取意"福到了"。 汉语里,"到"(arrive)和"倒"(upside down)同音。

2. 禄 (lù)–prosperity


It used to mean an official's salary in feudal China. Now it refers to higher payment and better promotion in one's career.



3. 寿 (shòu) – longevity


Shou also means life, age or birthday. It is generally used to bless elderly people.



4. 喜 (xǐ)- happiness


This character is usually posted everywhere in double on Chinese weddings (indicating both the bride and the groom are happy).



5. 财 (cái)- wealth, money


A Chinese saying goes: Money can make a ghost turn a millstone. It goes to show how powerful money is. Therefore, it is common to wish people more money in the New Year.



6. 和 (hé)- harmonious


"Harmony" is an important part of Chinese culture. When you have harmonious relations with others, everything will get easier for you.



7. (ài)- love, affection


It is a universal lucky word, isn't it?



8. 美 (měi)- beautiful, pretty     

It means beauty or beautiful in Chinese. It can be used to describe one's appearance or feelings.



9. 吉 (jí)- lucky


In Chinese, it means everything goes well. And when that is the case, you are obviously lucky.



10. 德 (dé)– virtue


It means virtue, morality, heart, mind, kindness etc. Most Chinese believe that one needs to show good virtues to be a convincing leader.


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