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Chinlingo Chinese words: 事 VS 事情

[Did you know?]

Both "事" and "事情" mean "matter" and are often used interchangeably. Is there any difference between them?


[Differences of Definition]

事 (shì): work; involvement and responsibility 

事情 (shì qinɡ): trouble; work


事情(shì qinɡ):差错;工作。 

[Differences of Usage]

"事" is usually used orally and suffixed with a nonsyllablic "r", while "事情" is basically used in writing. In addition, "事" can form a word with another character, while "事情" cannot.


[Differences of Collocation]

The table of collocations below will help you further understand their differences. 

(ɡōnɡ)……(sī)……(chū)……没你的(méi nǐ de)……


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