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Chinlingo Chinese words: 谈 VS 说

[Did you know?]

Both "说" and "谈" can mean "talk". Is there any difference between them?



说 (shuō): speak; talk; say

谈 (tán): talk; chat; discuss; remark; utterance

说(shuō): 讲,告诉;解释阐明;责备批评;言论主张。

谈(tán): 说话或讨论;说出的话,言论。

[Difference of Usage]

"谈" can be followed by the object of matter, while "说" can be followed by the object of either matter or person. In addition, "谈" stresses "depth" of what is being talked about, while "说" lays emphasis on the "briefness" of what is said. 



√ 你能说慢一点儿吗?(nǐ nénɡ shuō màn yì diǎnr mɑ)

  Can you speak slowly? 

X  你能谈慢一点儿吗?

√ 我喜欢和朋友谈心。(wǒ xǐ huɑn hé pénɡ you tán xīn)

I like chatting with friends.

X  我喜欢和朋友说心。

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