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What is 干货?

Presently, "干货" (ɡān huò) has been widely used on line. What on earth does it mean?

"干货" 则逐渐成为一个广泛传播的网络新词。究竟什么是"干货","干货" 在日常生活和网络语言中有哪些新的解释呢? 

1. Original meaning

"干货" 的常用意义

In daily life, "干货" means "dried goods", food that is dehydrated through air drying or sun drying. It is usually used in the food industry. As a common word, it is provided with no emotional coloring. Common "干货" include dehydrated agaric, nori, wood mushroom, red date, cinnamon, chili, longan, peanut and raisin. 

在日常生活中,"干货" 常用的语义是指通过风干或晾晒等方法去除了水分的食品。其主要使用范围为食品行业。这个词属于普通话词汇中的一般词汇,不含有任何感情色彩。常见的干货如去除了水分的木耳、紫菜、香菇、红枣、桂皮、辣椒、桂圆、花生、葡萄干等等。

2. New meanings 

"干货" 新用法 

When it is used in politics and on the Internet, "干货" has been provided with new meanings. As it is refreshing and positive, it has been spread across the Internet overnight. 

"干货" 在政治生活和网络语言的使用过程中,重新赋予了新义。由于其格调清新,充满了正能量的诉求,瞬间传遍网络。 

(1) It is used a commendatory noun and refers to the specific and practical policies or measures. 



E.g.: 两会教育提案应有更多的"干货"。 

     More practical and feasible education proposals are required on the NPC and CPPCC.

(2) It is used as a commendatory adjective and means "genuine; practical; non-exaggerative; non-formalistic". 

带有褒义色彩的形容词特征。主要使用其比喻义,指"货真价实的、实质性的、真抓实干的、不含水分的、没有什么形式主义的"。 如:

E.g.: 习近平盛赞两会"干货发言"。 

President Xi praised highly the objective and practical proposals on the NPC and CPPCC.

(3) It is used in the e-commerce industry. Usually, people engaged in this industry will publish and share their experience and methods about business promotion and marketing on the Internet. As these experiences and methods are rather practical, true and not blown up, the business insiders call them "干货".

主要使用于电子商务行业。通常指电子商务工作者发表、分享的一些网络推广、网络营销的文章和经验方法,因为这些方法都是实用性比较强的,不含任何吹嘘成分,也没有虚假的成分,所以业内人士通常把这一类分享活动称之为"干货"。 如:

E.g.: 2015世界互联网大会干货总结

Summary on essentials of the World Internet Conference (2015)

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