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Jiang Yitan’s style of poetry

Poetry is an underappreciated and under practiced art form. Many may be put off by the complexity and pretension that surrounds it, others simply struggle to comprehend.


About Jiang Yitan (蒋一谈).


Novelist, poet, publisher, Jiang is an award winning writer. His new book of poetry《截句》(JiéJù) took seven years to complete and throws out all the traditional rules associated with word art. Instead of carefully structured sentences and rhythm, 截句 (which can be translated as "cut off sentence") allows the writer to be more creative with length and form.

作为小说家、诗人兼发行人的蒋一谈是一位获奖作家。他历时七年创作的新诗集《截句》,抛弃了与文字艺术相关的所有传统规则。没有工整的结构与押韵,截句(可以直译为"cut off sentence")赋予了作者在诗歌的长度与形式方面更多的创造性。 

If it is still hard to imagine, here is an example:





And an attempt at translation:


On a wall hangs four paintings:

Mountains are mountains, you are you

Water is water, I am me

In essence a single sentence, this style of poetry that Jiang is attempting to pioneer can be seen as an update for modern communication. The popularity of Twitter and Weibo has meant that a few lines is all that readers expect to read, and with Jiang's 截句 it is possible to send off full poems in a single post.




Full moon is a wedding ring

Reach out and try it on


Water is not concerned with its age

Of course, these translations may not do justice to the full beauty of Jiang's poems. You may have a different read on the words presented, so please write in your translations in the comments below and let us know what how you have interpreted them. We would also love to see your own 截句s, so don't be afraid to post your creations as well.


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