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Chinlingo Chinese character: 巴 (bā)

As a pictographic character, "巴" (bā) looks like a snake moving on the ground a zig-zag pattern, which generates the meaning of "cling to; stick to". For example, "巴着" (bā zhe) means "cling to", and "巴结" (bā jie) means "fawn on; flatter".

巴(bā)是个象形字。它的字型犹如一条盘曲的蛇紧贴地面爬行。由此形象,抽象出"紧贴、挨近"的含义。比如词语:巴着(bā zhe) 、 巴结(bā jie)。

In modern Chinese, "巴" is provided with an extensional meaning, "hope earnestly; wait anxiously for". For example, "巴望" (bā wànɡ) means "hope for anxiously" and "巴不得" (bā bù dé) means "be only too anxious (to do something); earnestly wish".

在现代汉语中,巴(bā)还有个引申义,指盼望。比如词语:巴望(bā wànɡ)、巴不得(bā bù dé)。

In addition, "巴" can also be used as a noun, meaning "crust; crust-like substance". For example, "锅巴" (ɡuō bā) refers to "rice crust sticking to pot", and "泥巴"  (ní bā) means "mud".

此外,巴(bā)作为名词时,解释为"粘着的东西"。比如:锅巴(ɡuō bā)、泥巴(ní bā)。

Rhymed Chinese words are preferred in Mandarin Chinese, so monosyllables are often suffixed for rhyming. "巴" is usually used as a suffix, like "嘴巴" (zuǐ ba, mouth) and 尾巴 (wěi ba, tail). Special attention here, it is pronounced in the neutral tone, b-a, ba, when used as a suffix.

汉语词汇喜押韵。单音节字后常加上后缀形成押韵的字。比如,巴(bā)作为后缀词时就常常出现在词尾。比如: 嘴巴(zuǐ ba)、尾巴(wěi ba)。特别需要注意的是,巴(bā)作为后缀时读轻声, ba。


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