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10 hot Chinese phrases quoted by President Xi

1. Chinese dream 中国梦 (zhōng guó mèng)

chinese dream, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

Everybody has their own ideal, pursuit and dream. Today everybody is talking about the Chinese Dream. I believe the greatest dream of the Chinese nation in modern history is the great renewal of the Chinese nation.


2. Tigers and flies 老虎、苍蝇 (lǎo hǔ, cāng yíng)

tiger and fly, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

We must uphold the fighting of tigers and flies at the same time, resolutely investigating law-breaking cases of leading officials and also earnestly resolving the unhealthy tendencies and corruption problems which happen all around people. We should adhere that there are no exceptions in the face of party discipline and state law, with no leniency, no matter who is involved.


3. Where did the time go? 时间都去哪儿了 (shí jiān dōu qù nǎ ér le)

president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

You know, I am in such a special position that I hardly have any free time. During this year's Spring Festival, there is a song called "Where Did the Time Go?" in China. For me, where does my personal time go? Of course it all goes to work.


4. Life's button 人生的扣子 (rén shēng de kòu zi)

life's button, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

Living one's life is like buttoning up one's jacket. If the first button is not fastened correctly, the rest will never find their rightful place. The buttons of life should be fastened well from the very beginning.


5. New normal 新常态 (xīn cháng tài)

new common, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

China is still in a significant period of strategic opportunity. We must boost our confidence, adapt to the new normal condition based on the characteristics of China's economic growth in the current phase and stay cool-minded.


6. One Belt and One Road 一带一路 (yī dài yī lù)

one-belt-one-road, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

We should prepare timetables and road maps for the coming years for the 'One Belt and One Road' project as soon as possible.


7. APEC blue APEC蓝 (APEC lán)

apec blue, president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

Some people call the clear Beijing sky these days the "APEC blue," it is beautiful but temporary and it will be gone soon after the APEC meeting. I hope, and believe, that with persistent efforts, the APEC blue will be here to stay.


8. Sparing no efforts performing duty, Salute 蛮拼的、点赞 (mán pīn de, diǎn zàn)

president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

Officials at various levels have also spared no efforts performing their duty. Of course, those achievements would not have been possible without the support of the people. I would like to salute our great people.


9. Young people should avoid staying up late 年轻人不要总熬夜 (nián qīng rén bú yào zǒng áo yè)

president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

I was so eager to do my job well that I often burnt night oil, but also fell ill quite often. I came to realize that even if work piles up, one can only do one piece of work a time, however enthusiastic you may be about the job.


10. Sword hilt 刀把子 (dāo bǎ zi)

president xi, chinese phrases, learn chinese

We should cultivate a political and legal team that is loyal to the country, the people and the law. We should guarantee that the sword hilt is firmly held in the hands of the Party and the people. 



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