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Shanghai Disneyland complained over overpricing

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Shanghai Disneyland held an invite-only soft opening last week before officially opening its doors to the eager masses on June 16.


The China Youth Daily reported that unnamed attendees to the soft opening complained their day trip to the park – including food and souvenirs – cost 2,600 yuan ($400) per person.


The average monthly income for service industry workers in Shanghai is 4,041 yuan, according to a 2016 report by the Shanghai Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security.


According to the park's official website, weekday tickets for adults run 370 yuan ($57) and weekend tickets 499 ($76) yuan. This means a family of two parents and a child visiting on a Saturday would spend 1,373 yuan ($211) before entering the gate, media reported.


Chinese media reports reflected opinions on social media that Disneyland Shanghai was not affordably priced.


For context, ticket fees in Shanghai are comparable with other Disney parks in the region. For example, an adult one-day pass to Disneyland Tokyo is 7,400 yen ($68), their third price increase in three years, reported qq.com.


Chinese media also focused on complaints about prices in the park, such as a "deluxe edition" souvenir doll selling for 220 yuan ($33) and food costing an average 75 yuan ($11) per person.



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