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Foreigners binge-watch Chinese TV series ‘Ode to Joy’

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Introduction to Ode to Joy


Can five single, independent career women who live in the Ode to Joy apartment building find fulfillment on their own terms?


An Di (Liu Tao): a successful business woman who has returned to China after studying in New York to find her younger brother. 


Qu Xiaoxiao (Wang Ziwen): only 25 but already owns her own small business. 


Fan Shengmei (Jiang Xin): grew up in poverty but has shed her "Princess of the Streets" background to work for a multinational company. 


Qiu Yingying (Andy Yang Zi): a 20-year-old small-town girl who is trying to make it in the big city. 


Guan Juer (Bridgette Qiao Xin): a 20-year-old from a highly educated family, but she must discover what she wants out of life when she enters the workplace for the first time.


For these women, there is a man (or two) who is trying to get their attention. Can the women find the personal happiness they seek?


Dr. Zhao Qiping (Wang Kai): a flirtatious, handsome doctor. 


Qi Dian (Zu Feng): a stoic businessman. 


Wang Baichuan (Zhang Lu): Shengmei's steadfast friend who has always carried a torch for her. 


Yao Bin (Zhang Xiaoqian: a second-generation chaebol. 


Tan Zongming (Jin Dong) is An Di's boss. 


What Chinese TV series did the foreigners binge-watch last time? Empresses in the Palace or Nirvana in Fire? The age of costume dramas has gone, and now comes the urban love-themed TV series, Ode to Joy. 


Comment 1: 

The drama has a great refreshing plot…plus it's my first Chinese drama I'm getting into so it'll always be my favorite. 


Comment 2: 

Such a good show so far! The idea of this drama couldn't be better!


Comment 3: 

I am so glad to see Nirvana in Fire production company is also behind this drama as well. So many NIF casts are in here. Love Wang Kai, Liu Tao, Jin Dong!! Looking forward to new Hu Ge drama and Wang Kai drama with Joe Cheng. All my favorite from Nirvana are in here, also lots of other supporting characters like Xia Jiang, Yu Jin, Consort Jing, etc. NIF really elevates my taste in drama quality. 

我很高兴看到《琅琊榜》的制作公司也是这部剧的幕后。《琅琊榜》的演员阵容都在这儿啊。好喜欢王凯、刘涛、靳东!好期待胡歌的新剧!还有王凯和JOE CHENG(成龙)的新剧!《琅琊榜》里我最喜欢的人都在了!还有一些配角,比如夏江、豫津等等。《琅琊榜》真是提升了我对剧的品味啊!

Comment 4: 

Good show. It's very funny. Unlike some other shows which are based on romance and etc. 



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