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Is 小鲜肉 (xiǎo xiān ròu) edible?

"鲜肉" (xiān ròu) means "fresh meat". 

"鲜肉(xiān ròu)"新鲜的肉!

chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

Then, 小 (xiǎo) +肉 (xiān ròu) = a small piece of fresh meat

小(xiǎo )+鲜肉(xiān ròu) =小块的新鲜的肉?

Looking at the picture of  "肉", you will surely think that "小鲜肉" is edible. Go ahead! Take it to the kitchen! Fry or boil it and bring it to me!


I have heard long before that many delicious dishes can be made with "鲜肉" in the Chinese ways of cooking, like "糖醋肉 (tánɡ cù ròu, sweet-sour pork)", "红烧肉 (hónɡ shāo ròu, stewed pork with brown sauce)", "粉蒸肉 (fěn zhēnɡ ròu, steamed pork with rice flour)" …

我可是早有耳闻,以鲜肉(xiān ròu)为食材,利用中式烹饪方法,可以调制出许多人间美味。"糖醋肉"、"红烧肉"、"粉蒸肉"…

sweet-sour-pork, chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

sweet-sour pork

stewed-pork, chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

stewed pork with brown sauce

steamed-pork, chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

steamed pork with rice flour

Every time I think of these delicacies, my eyes will shine and my mouth begins watering.

Please stop abusing my little heart. It has been tortured by various temptations. 

Come on give me the real!




However, the truth is that "小鲜肉" (xiǎo xiān ròu) is to please your eyes rather than your mouth. 

今日干货就是告诉你:"小鲜肉(xiǎo xiān ròu)"只可远观,不可进食也。

chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

In China, "小鲜肉" is a well-known hot word. It is used to describe a male entertainer and refers especially to the young, handsome and new-generation male idol at the age of 12-30. They are simple, kind and free of too much affective experience or negative news. "小" means "young and lively" here, "鲜" means "with little affective experience and free of gossip news", and "肉" refers to "the strong muscle and the well-built body". For example,

"小鲜肉(xiǎo xiān ròu)"是家喻户晓的中文热词。它用于形容男艺人。特指年轻、帅气的新生代男偶像。一般是年龄在12-30岁之间的性格纯良,没有太多的情感经验与负面新闻,并且长相俊俏的男生。"小(xiǎo)"在这个热词中是用来形容"年轻有活力";"鲜(xiān)" 对应的是情感经历少,没有花边新闻;"肉(ròu)"则是特指健硕的肌肉,健美的身材。举个例子,请看下图:

dylon o'brien, chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

Are you fascinated by the "鲜劲儿" (freshness) of the role player of Stiles in Teen Wolf, Dylon O'Brien? Then don't save your compliment, "Look! Dylon is so cute, 小鲜肉 indeed!"

被《少狼》 (Teen Wolf) 斯蒂尔斯(Stiles)的扮演者迪伦•奥布莱恩(Dylan O'Brien)的"鲜劲儿"森森吸引?那就豪不吝啬地称赞他:"瞧!迪伦•奥布莱恩真帅,他就是小鲜肉!"

dylon o'brien, chinese slang, learn chinese, xiao xian rou

He is only 25 and free of negative news. His presence in Teen Wolf has proved his well-built and graceful body adequately. "小鲜肉" is really customized for him. 


Now, you understand that "小鲜肉" refers to a person rather than food. Are you overcome with disappointment or joy?


At least, I believe that the charisma of Chinese language will never let you down.  


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