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Chinlingo Chinese character: 鱼

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In the Modern Chinese Dictionary, "鱼" is provided with 4 explanations, with two of them used most frequently.


1. A general name for oviparous invertebrates that live in water and breathe through gills. "鱼" is often used as a root at the end of a word, as shown in "鲫鱼" (jì yú, crucian), "鲤鱼" (lǐ yú, carp) and "娃娃鱼" (wá wɑ yú, giant salamander). 

"鱼"指代以水为生,用腮呼吸的卵生无脊椎动物的总称。在造词时,"鱼(yú)"作为词根,常出现在词尾。比如,鲫鱼(jì yú)、鲤鱼(lǐ yú)、娃娃鱼(wá wɑ yú)。

2. Acquatic animals looking like fish. For example, "鲍鱼" (bào yú, abalone) and "鳄鱼" (è yú, crocodile). 

指"像鱼的水产动物"。比如:鲍鱼(bào yú)、鳄鱼(è yú)。

3. Letters. For example, the word "鱼雁往返" (yú yàn wánɡ fǎn) refers to regular correspondence between people. It is an ancient expression and is rarely used in modern Chinese. 

指代书信。比如单词:"鱼雁往返(yú yàn wánɡ fǎn)"指的就是人与人之间的书信往来。这种用法来自古汉语,现已不常见于现代汉语中。

4. A surname. 


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