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Classic Chinese translations of Western scenic spots

Translations serve as the bridge to connect two cultures. Although Chinese are sometimes mocked at for using Chinglish, there's no lack of excellent and classic translations. Here, we've listed some classic translations of the Western scenic spots.


1. Buckingham Palace (UK) 白金汉宫(英国)

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Origin: Buckingham Palace was created by the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. He built the Buckingham House for himself as his grand London home.

Chinese Translation: 白金汉宫 (bái jīn hàn gōng). A transliteration from its English pronunciation to Chinese characteristics, "Bucking" sounds like the "Bai Jin" in Chinese. "Bai Jin" means platinum.



2. Fontainebleau (France) 枫丹白露 (法国)

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Origin: The Palace of Fontainebleau is located in commune of Fontainebleau, 55 kilometers southeast of the center of Paris. The name "Fontainebleau" evolves from the concept of "fontaine belle eau", which means "beautiful fountain".

Chinese Translation: 枫丹白露 (fēng dān bái lù). The name, transliterated by Zhu Ziqing, refers to two images: red maple and white dew, outlining fascinating autumnal scenery.

起源:枫丹白露宫位于离巴黎中心55公立的东南部枫丹白露镇。"Fontainebleau"起源于"fontaine belle eau",意思是“美丽的喷泉”。


3. Champs Elysees Avenue (France) 香榭丽舍 (法国)

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Origin: The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is a boulevard in Paris. It is known for its theatres, cafés, luxury shops, and for the annual military parade that celebrates French National Day. In English, "Champs-Élysées" means the Elysian Fields, the paradise for dead heroes in Greek mythology.

Chinese Translation: 香榭丽舍 (xiāng xiè lí shě). The literal translation is “Fragrant Pavilion and Beautiful House”.


中文翻译:香榭丽舍(xiāng xiè lí shě),意思是“芳香的阁楼和美丽的房屋”。

4. Yosemite National Park (US) 优诗美地 (美国)

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Origin: The name "Yosemite" (meaning "killer" in Miwok), originally refers to the name of an Indian tribe who lived in the central eastern portion of the US state of California.

Chinese Translation: 优山美地 (yōu shān měi dì) or 优诗美地 (yōu shī měi dì). The literal translation is "Beautiful Mountain and Land" or "Beautiful poem and land".


中文翻译:优山美地(yōu shān měi dì)或优诗美地(yōu shī měi dì),意思是“优美的山川和土地”或者(优美的诗歌和土地)

5. Aegean Sea (Greece) 爱琴海(希腊)

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Origin: The sea was traditionally known as Archipelago (in Greek, Αρχιπέλαγος, meaning "chief sea"), but in English the meaning of the word has changed to better represent the Aegean Islands.

Chinese Translation: 爱琴海 (ài qín hǎi). "Ai Qin" can be associated in Chinese with love and music. Because it sounds like 爱情 (ài qíng) which means love and affection, it has become a very romantic place and wedding destination for Chinese people.


中文翻译:爱琴海(ài qín hǎi),通常中国人会把"Ai Qin"与爱情和音乐联想在一起,因为它发音极像爱情的发音(ài qíng),指爱与情感。爱琴海已经称为令中国人趋之若鹜的旅游、婚礼的浪漫之地。

6. Honolulu (US) 檀香山(美国)

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Origin: Honolulu, which means "sheltered harbor" or "calm port", is the capital of the US state of Hawaii.

Chinese Translation: 檀香山 (tán xiāng shān) means "Mountains of fragrant sandalwood". It's believed that the Chinese people brought by the sandalwood trade in Hawaii since the 18th century gave Honolulu its Chinese name.


中文翻译:檀香山(tán xiāng shān),“檀香木之山”。 因为早期本地盛产檀香木,而且大量运回中国,自18世纪以来被华人称为檀香山。

7. San Francisco (US) 旧金山(美国)

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Origin: San Francisco was founded on June 29, 1776. The city by the bay was once a Mexican village named Yerba Buena (Good Grass). In 1846, during the Mexican War, Commodore John Sloat renamed the settlement for its "San Francisco de Asís" mission (better known as Mission Dolores).

Chinese Translation: 旧金山 (jiù jīn shān)means "Old Gold Mountain". The name "Gold Mountain" was given by Chinese immigrants during the California Gold Rush. Later, Australia's Melbourne would have a gold rush of its own. That was called "New Gold Mountain", and San Francisco became the "Old Gold Mountain".

起源:圣弗兰西斯科始建于1776年6月29日。这座海湾城市曾经是一个墨西哥村庄,名叫“Yerba Buena”(优良草地)。1846年,墨西哥战争期间,海军准将John Sloat到此安扎后,重新起名为"San Francisco de Asís"(阿西西的圣弗朗西斯科教会),俗称都勒教会(Mission Dolores)。

中文翻译:旧金山(jiù jīn shān),“旧的金山”。华人劳工在加州淘金热期间给这个地方起名为“金山”。后来,澳洲墨尔本也有了淘金热,称为“新金山”,圣弗兰西斯科就成了“旧金山”。

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