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Model’s nude photos by Yamdrok Lake stir disputes

Nude photos of young model by Yamdrok Lake stirs disputes

Posing naked at tourist attractions is never a good idea! A Netizen recently caused controversy after sharing photos on Weibo of a woman posing naked by Tibet's Yamdrok Lake. Some Netizens saw the photos as "disrespectful of Tibetan culture."


Nude photos of young model by Yamdrok Lake stirs disputes

Nude photos of young model by Yamdrok Lake stirs disputes

Weibo user YouchumDolkar posed a series of photos of Monday of a young woman in front of an empty lake. The woman was either scantily clad or nude in most of the photos. The photos were captioned, "The young woman said that this is probably the best time to come to Tibet, so I wanted to leave with these memories of the Holy Land." YouchumDolkar also posted in the photo's comments, "It's just a cool photographer and a cool model. Where is the uncultured and uncivilized thought and behavior?"


Yamdrok Lake is one of Tibet's three holy lakes. Official tours to the lake first started in 2012 but were soon stopped by the Lhokha provincial government after Netizens spoke out against the idea.


The "naked photos" incident has once again put the media spotlight on Yamdrok Lake. Netizens wrote that the woman's behavior was disrespectful because the lake is a religious symbol and protected sacred land. They said that she could easily offend the local community and religious groups.


However, other Netizens said that this was an "exaggeration." Netizen Shiyi Lang commented on Weibo, "The sacred lake is surrounded by cattle, sheep, Tibetan wild donkeys. They are always naked. Why can't everyone else near around it be naked too?"

然而,也有一些网民认为有些网友将此事过于夸大。一位用户名为“Shiyi Lang”的博主在微博下评论:“这片圣湖周围到处都是牛群,羊群以及西藏当地的野驴,事实上它们都是赤身露体的,为什么就不允许其他人在此地也赤身露体呢?”


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