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Use ‘yi xia’ to express a brief action in Chinese

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After briefly reading this article, you will know how to use 一下 (yīxià) to express a brief action!



To express that a verb is carried out briefly or "a little bit," you can add 一下 (yīxià) after it. Sometimes 一下 (yīxià) can soften the tone.



Subj. + Verb + 一下 + Obj.


Often, adding 一下 (yīxià) just makes the Chinese feel more natural. This is not something you can get a feel for quickly. You'll need to observe how native speakers use 一下 (yīxià) over a long period of time to really get used to how it is used.






qǐng nǐ děng yīxià.

Please wait a little bit.

(You get the feeling that it shouldn't be a long wait. 你可以感觉到不会等太久。)



nǐ kàn yīxià.

Take a look.

(It should be quick. 很快就结束。)



wǒ yào xiǎng yīxià.

I want to think a little.

(I won't need to think about it long. 我不会思考很久。)



kāi yīxià mén ba.

Please open the door.

(How long can it take to open the door? 开门需要很久吗?)



qǐng nǐ shuō yīxià wèishénme.

Please say why.

(It should be a quick explanation. 这应该是很短的解释。)



bù yào shēngqì le, xiào yīxià!

Don't be mad, laugh!

(Just one quick laugh! 就迅速地笑!)



nǐ kěyǐ lái yīxià wǒ de bàngōngshì ma?

Could you please come to my office?

(Just come real quick. 快点过来。)



nǐ néng jièshào yīxià zìjǐ ma?

Could you introduce yourself briefly?

(Not your life story, just a brief self-introduction. 不是你的人生传记,就是很简短的自我介绍。)

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