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Chinlingo Chinese character: 及格 VS 合格

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Both "及格" and "合格" means "qualified; up to a specified standard in a test or exam". Is there any difference between them?



及格 (jí ɡé): pass (a test, an examination, etc.); reach the minimum standard

合格 (hé ɡé): qualified; up to standard

及格 (jí ɡé):(考试成绩)达到规定的最低标准

合格 (hé ɡé): 符合标准


"及格" refers to the minimum standard, while "合格" is related to a high standard. They differ in both the meaning and the usage, and cannot be exchanged.



√ 我这次考试刚刚及格。(wǒ zhè cì kǎo shì ɡānɡ ɡānɡ jí ɡé)

  I nearly failed the exam.

× 我这次考试刚刚合格。

√ 这些产品的质量经过检验都合格。(zhè xiē chán pǐn de zhì liànɡ jīnɡ ɡuò jiǎn yàn dōu hé ɡé)

These products are qualified in quality after inspection. 

× 这些产品的质量经过检验都及格。

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