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Chinlingo Chinese character: 做 VS 作

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[Do you know?]

"做" and "作" have the same pronunciation: zuò. Is there any difference between them?

汉字“做” 和 “作” 的发音相同,它们有什么区别呢?


做 (zuò): do; make; act as; be used as; form or contract a relationship

作 (zuò): pretend; deliver; compose

做 (zuò): 干(活儿),从事某种工作或活动;制作,加工;担任;用做;结成某种关系。

作 (zuò): 假扮、装;提供;作品。


"做" and "作" differ mainly in their writings. Generally, "作" is followed by a gerund, while "做" is followed by a noun.


[Differences in collocations]

The table of collocations below will help you understand their differences further. 


…衣服 (yī fu)…文章 (wén zhānɡ)…买卖 (mǎi mɑi)…翻译 (fān yì)

…教材 (jiào cái )…朋友 (pénɡ you) …梦 (mènɡ ) …弊 (bì )

…曲 (qǔ )…废 (fèi )…文 (wén ) …者 (zhě )

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