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Chinlingo Chinese character: 绿

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"绿" (lǜ) is a left-right structured character. Its left part "" is ideographic, indicating the character is related to silk and cloth, while the right part "", whose final (ù) is similar to that of "lǜ", means that plants are squeezed and filtrated to produce dyes.

“绿(lǜ )”为左右结构。左边是“绞丝旁(纟)”,它提示字义的作用,表示该字与丝绸、布帛有关。右边是“录(lù)”,它的韵母“u”用作构成“lǜ”的韵母。它本身也有含义,表示将植物榨汁、过滤用作染料。

Thus, the compound character "绿" refers to the "silk fabrics dyed with the filtrated dyes". As silk fabrics are made from green plants, "绿" has been used to refer to the green color afterwards.

因此,合体字“绿(lǜ )”的意思是“用过滤出来的染料染制的丝织品。”由于丝织品是以绿色植物为原料制作而成,后经演化,“绿”用来指代颜色。

In modern Chinese, these are common words rooted from "绿":


绿叶 (lǜ yè): green leaves – 指鲜绿的叶子

绿地 (lǜ dì): green land planted with grass – 种植有绿色草木的地面

绿化 (lǜ huà): greening; afforestation (planting flowers, grass and trees to beautify the environment and prevent water and soil loss  – 种植花草树木以美化环境,并可防止水土流失

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