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Chinlingo Chinese character: 录

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[Origin of the Character] 字源:古字含义

The ancient form of "录" (lù) is a sketch showing the process of filtering dye. The top part indicates a pressure device, the middle part symbolizes a filter bag, and the bottom part is the filtered water, whose color remains the same with that of the raw material. That's how its meaning of "to record" originates from. 


[Modern Meaning] 字义:现代含义

In modern Chinese, the original meaning of "to record" is still used, in the form of a verb. For example, "记录" (jì lù) means "keep a record". "录" (lù) can also be finished by an instrument, as in "录像" (lù xiànɡ) for "picture recording" and "录音" (lù yīn) for "sound recording". 

现代汉语中,沿用了"录(lù)"表示记载的含义。作动词用。如,单词"记录", 指的是把事情用文本记下来。"录(lù)"还可以用仪器记载,如单词"录像"是指用录像机或者摄像机把图像、声音记录下来。 "录音"是指用录音设备把声音记录下来。

[Other Applications] 其它运用

"录" always serves as a pictophonetic character and appears in the right part of a left-right structured character, as in "绿" (lǜ, green). 

"录(lù)"通常作为声旁,出现在左右结构的汉字的右侧。当它与一些部首组合时,会成为合体字。比如,它与"绞丝旁(纟)"组成 "绿(lǜ )"。

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