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What if someone blocks you on WeChat Moments?


If someone deletes or blocks me on WeChat, does it mean that I offended him/her? The users have their own opinions on it. 


Zijun Yu: 

It depends.


Maybe you have just leave messages too frequently without much substantial information. For example, someone may block you simply because you ask him something like 'how are u?' 'what are u doing' or 'do you love me' too often. You know, people may be bored after answering such kinds of questions time after time.


Another possible reason maybe that you have sent something unpleasant to your friend or in your friend circle. I have just blocked one of my middle school classmate yesterday because she was trying to sell fake goods in the friend circle, and I hate fake sneakers quite much.


Look, why you are blocked may depend on the guy's mood and his preference, and the reason a person gets blocked varies from person to person. So I suggest you to write an email or make a phone call to that person, if that guy really means a lot to you, to see whether he or she is dissatisfied with you, and to find out how can you make up for the case.


Jianing Wu:

Not necessarily you have offended him/her…but it's highly likely that you've bothered his/her (reasons include TOO Frequent and nonsense posts). Or, he/she just does not want to bother you with their posts.


Kathryn K:

There are 3 reasons I can think up that a person blocks other people:


1. They do not want to talk to the one via WeChat any more (in most cases they refuse to be disturbed by the one's boring greetings like "what are you doing [在干嘛呢]");


2. They do not want the one to view their "Moments" on WeChat (maybe they publish very private pictures or life or thoughts and they do not recognise the one to be that close);


3. They delete the one's name from friends list because they no longer want to see it (maybe ex boyfriend/girlfriend).


Wayne Mansfield:

There are just too many ways to communicate on the web… I have a finite number of people I prefer to chat with. So, in my case, I rarely think about those who I don't want to chat to.


The other reason I block or delete people on web enabled communication channels is that they think I must talk with them according to THEIR schedule… phones etc allow you to choose who you talk with OR NOT… but the number of people who think it is OK to skype me, webchat me, messenger me, is just not good… and they all think I have to answer now or I am rude.. heck I think THEY are the rude ones..


Simon Guo:

It depends. He/She might just forget who you are and believes that you are some kind of a salesman.



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