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Chinlingo Chinese character: 糕

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"糕" (ɡāo) consists of "" (mǐ) and "" (ɡāo). "羔" is the phonetic component of "糕".

"糕(ɡāo )"字由"米(mǐ)"和"羔(ɡāo)"构成。"羔(ɡāo)"为"糕(ɡāo)"的声旁。

Although "糕" contains both rice (米) and lamb (羔), it is not lamb rice anyhow. 


The component "米" indicates that it is a kind of food made from rice or flour, while the component "羔" implies that the food is quite delicious. The whole character "糕" refers to the food made from rice or flour, which is as delicious as roasted mutton. In detail, it is the food made from rice or flour together with other materials through steaming or baking. 

这个字由"米(mǐ)"构成表示它是一道米面制品。羔(ɡāo)"字则是用来形容味道可口。由两字粘合在一起的"糕(ɡāo )" 的意思是像烤羊肉那么好吃的米面制品。具体指的是用米粉或面粉搀和其他材料蒸制或烘烤而成的食品。

In modern Chinese, these 糕–rooted words are often seen:



蛋糕 (dàn ɡāo): cake

绿豆糕 (lǜ dòu ɡāo): green bean cake

年糕 (nián ɡāo): New Year cake

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