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Chinlingo Chinese character: 羔

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The character "羔" consists of two parts. "" at the top is the same with "羊" (yánɡ), meaning "sheep", while "灬" (sì diǎn dǐ; four bottom dots literally) in the bottom indicates fire. When combined, the whole character means "roast a sheep over fire". 

汉字"羔(ɡāo)"分为上下两部分,上部分""同"羊(yánɡ)or sheep",下部分"灬(sì diǎn dǐ) ",表示火。两部分组合在一起,表示用火烧烤羊。

Lamb meat is considered as the most delicious of all kinds of roasted mutton, so ancient Chinese people reflected their love for this delicacy on the character "羔", which meant a little sheep under the age of 1 originally. Over time, it has been used to refer to other young animals as well.


In modern Chinese, these 羔–rooted words are often seen:


羊羔 (yánɡ ɡāo): lamb 小羊

羔羊 (ɡāo yánɡ): it consists of the same characters as "羊羔", and means the same as well. However, in modern Chinese, it refers to the gentle, innocent or meek person figuratively as well.

和"羊羔(yánɡ ɡāo) "写法一样,意思上也可解释为小羊;但在现代汉语中,"羔羊"用来比喻天真无邪或稚弱者。

羔子(ɡāo zi): kid; little animal 小孩;幼小的动物

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