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Chinlingo Chinese character: 找 and 寻

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Both "找" and "寻" mean "look for". Is there any difference between them?





找 (zhǎo): look for; try to find; want to see; call on

寻(xún): look for

(zhǎo ):为了要见到或得到所需求的人或事物而努力;求见。





"找" and "寻" are synonyms. "找" is usually used orally, while "寻" is basically used in writing.



√ 我最近在找工作。(wǒ zuì jìn zài zhǎo ɡōnɡ zuò。)

    I'm looking for a job recently.

× 我最近在寻工作。


√ 你应该在报纸上登个寻人启事。(nǐ yīnɡ ɡāi zài bào zhǐ shànɡ dēnɡ ɡè xún rén qǐ shì。)

    You should put a search notice in the newspaper.

× 你应该在报纸上登个找人启事。

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