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A friendly and funny Chinese word to address foreigners

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In Chinese, there is another word for "foreigners" except the common sayings "外国人 (wài guó rén)" and "老外 (lǎo wài)", it's "歪果仁 (wāi guǒ rén)", which literally means "crooked nut". It is a homophonic word, which is more like a friendly, amiable and humorous appellation for foreigners.

"foreigners"在中文里除了常见的"外国人"和"老外"之外,还有一个同样意思的词,就是 "歪果仁"。这是谐音的说法,更是一种对外国人友好、亲切、幽默的称呼。


As a cyberword, "歪果仁 (wāi guǒ rén)" sounds so adorable that it's not only widely used on the Internet but also among the traditional media. The most common word "老外 (lǎo wài)" makes people feel more amiable than "外国人 (wài guó rén)", while "歪果仁 (wāi guǒ rén)" sounds more humorous than "老外 (lǎo wài)".



The reason why people use "歪果仁 (wāi guǒ rén)" is that they're getting more contact with foreigners. In addition, when some foreigners call themselves "外国人", whose pronunciation should be "wài guó rén", they pronounce it "wāi guǒ rén" (歪果仁) incorrectly.


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