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5 Chinese phrases to compliment a guy

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The current trendy expressions – 小鲜肉 (xiǎo xiān ròu) a hot guy (lit. little fresh meat), 男神 (nán shén, male god), and 高富帅 (gāofù shuài; tall, rich and handsome) – are great among friends to show you know the latest pop culture sayings. In other settings, however, you may want to reach for a more sophisticated compliment, one able to communicate a degree of respect and intellectual substance.

Let's explore five other male classic compliments, all still alive and well in the culture, to better prepare you with some praiseworthy firepower:


cái mào shuāngquán

Meaning: Blessed with both talent and looks.

Context: To be eligible for this compliment, a man must score at least "8" on a 1-10 scale. Only through his pleasantness and generosity, however, can he earn a "10." Originally male oriented, this phrase now applies to both genders.



nǐ shàngbèizi jī de dé ba, nán péngyǒu zhēnshi cái mào shuāngquán!

You must have done something amazing in your last life. Your boyfriend's blessed with both talent and looks.


yùshù línfēng

Meaning: Decent as a jade tree facing the wind.

Context: In praise of his outward demeanor, yet implying deep inner character, since the Chinese culture treasures jade.



nǐ yùshù línfēng de yàngzi, ràng wǒ pēng rán xīndòng

I'm moved by how well you hold yourself.


fēngliú tìtǎng

Meaning: Talented and unrestrained.

Context: To praise a laid-back man who doesn't fuss over details and isn't easily annoyed. He's also easy on the eye.



nǐ niánqīng shí zhēnshi fēngliú tìtǎng, xiànzài yīrán.

You're still as cool as when you were young.


piānpiān shàonián

Meaning: A fine young man.

Context: Implies delightfulness, sharpness, independence, and more. Applies to teens up to early twenties.



tā zhuǎnyǎn yǐ zhǎng chéngyī wèi piānpiān shàonián.

He's grown into a delightful young man.



Meaning: Humble and gentlemanly.

Context: Again, if a man is score on a 0-10 scale, this refers to those who are scoring at least around 9. The pending one point depends on if he's also a talented person. Compared with any of the above, he is a pleasure to be with guaranteed.



tā shì qiānqiānjūnzǐ, cóng bù yǔ rén jìjiào.

He is humble and gentleman, never being calculative when dealing with people.

Good luck and don't be afraid to give these phrases a go! Chinese idioms can be a fun way to get your point across.

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