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Follow “IP剧” to learn Chinese

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This year has witnessed a batch of hot domestic TV dramas adapted from online novels, such as The Legend of Miyue, Nirvana in Fire, Journey of Flower, The Lost Tomb and others. The traditional TV dramas, web dramas and online videos are colliding and fusing in this new era featuring "IP".


In China's entertainment industry, "IP", intellectual property, largely refers to popular online products such as a novel, game or even a song that can be developed into a potentially successful feature-length film or TV series.

在中国的娱乐产业,"IP",也就是intellectual property(知识产权 zhī shi chǎn quán、著作权 zhù zuò quán),多指流行的网络产品,比如网络小说、网络游戏、甚至网络歌曲,这些产品都有一个特点,就是可以改编成极具潜力的达正片长度的电影或电视剧。

Here are top 4 "IP剧" for you to learn some Chinese while watching:


In 2015, The Journey of Flower, a 58-episode fantasy romance series, adapted from an online novel, was broadcast on iQiyi some 7 billion times.


The first two episodes of the TV drama The Legend of Miyue attracted a record high 700 million hits on the web in just 24 hours.


The Nirvana in Fire crossed the cultural barriers successfully and became a hit abroad. The drama has been aired in South Korea and was recommended by the convention board of this year's Discop Africa to countries on the continent. 《琅琊榜》成功跨越了文化障碍,在海外热映,包括韩国,还在Discop Africa非洲电视节上被观众委员会推荐给非洲各个国家。

The hit online drama Go Princess Go, which was removed from the Internet a week ago, is back after producers cut one-third of the show.


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