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Chinlingo Chinese character: 饺

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"饺" (jiǎo) is the abbreviation of "饺子" (jiǎo zi), "dumpling" in English. It is the semicircular stuffed pasta. As one of the favorite foods by Chinese people, it's the must-have staple food in the Spring Festival.

"饺(jiǎo)"本义为"饺子(jiǎo zi)",是一种有馅的半圆形面食。它是中国人民最喜欢的食物之一,也是每年的春节中国人必吃的主食。

"饺" (jiǎo) is a left-right structured character. "饣" on the left is a variant of "食" (shí), which means "food". "交" on the right acts as the pictophonetic component and means "alternately". When "食" and "交" are combined together, the whole character means "food eaten at the turn of the old and new year", or "food eaten before 24:00 on the New Year's Eve".


It easy to remember the character by associating its meaning with an image. First, just keep in your mind that "饺" is a left-right structured character. "饣" on the left, which is an variant of  "食", is a radical indicating the character is related to food, while "交" on the right looks likes a person sitting cross-legged. Imagine! As is shown in the picture, a person is sitting cross-legged and waiting to eat dumplings.


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