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Chinlingo Chinese character: 人

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人or humans become distinguished from animals by their ability to labor.

Ancient Chinese people created the character "人" (rén) based on the profile of a person laboring with his or her body bent and arms drooping. However, it has evolved greatly into the character "人" presently, with the image of laboring gone. It now looks like a person walking upright.
古代中国人,根据人躬身垂臂劳作的侧面形象,创造了汉字"人(rén)"。经过演变"人(rén)"字变形较大,其躬身垂臂的形象完全消失,看起来就像一个侧面直立行走的人形。"人" is also used as a radical."人"也是部首。

When used as a radical, it may appear as "亻" called "单人旁" or "single person radical" literally. For example, the character "休" (xiū) consists of  "人 (亻)" and "木", meaning "rest".
作为"单人旁"的时候,变体为" 亻"。如汉字"休"(xiū):人( 亻)+木=休。

Also, it may appear as "彳"called "双人旁" or "double person radical" literally. Characters consisting of "彳"are basically related to "walking, behavior or road. For example, the character "往" (wǎnɡ), meaning "towards", consists of "人 (彳)" and "主".

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