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Chinlingo Chinese character: 达到 and 到达

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"达到" and "到达" are quite similar in appearance. What is the difference between them?


达到 (dá dào): reach, achieve (a goal)

到达 (dào dá): reach, arrive



"达到" can be followed by an abstract noun as its object. For example, we can say "达到目的" (mù dì), "达到标准" (biāo zhǔn), "达到某种水平" (shuǐ pínɡ), which mean "achieve one's objective", "up to standard", and "achieve a certain level" respectively. 

"到达" is followed by a word of locality as its object. For example, "到达上海" (arrive in Shanghai), "到达山顶" (arrive at the top of a mountain) and "到达终点" (arrive at the destination).

"达到" and "到达" cannot be exchanged. 


√ 只要努力学习,两年后,你能达到HSK3-4级的水平。(zhǐ yào nǔ lì xué xí , liǎnɡ nián hòu , nǐ nénɡ dá dào HSK3-4 jí de shuǐ pínɡ)

You are supposed to reach the level of HSK3-4 in two years, as long as you study hard.


√ 他是昨天早上到达上海的。(tā shì zuó tiān zǎo shɑnɡ dào dá shànɡ hǎi de )

  He arrived in Shanghai yesterday morning. 

X 他是昨天早上达到上海的。

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