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4 most anticipated Chinese TV plays in 2016

Although the new year has just begun, screens both big and small are already bustling with films and shows looking to become the biggest hit of 2016. While Mojin – The Lost Legend seems well on its way to setting records when it comes to film, a number of contenders have already begun enticing audiences on small screens.


Looking back at the year 2015, the majority of popular TV shows were adaptations of online novels. From The Journey of Flower to The Legend of Mi Yue, shows based on online literature IPs did not just become top-grossing productions, but also have helped lauch the careers of a number of young actors and actresses.


Looking at this year's TV lineup it looks like characteristics of previous successful shows, such as beautiful costumes, shows targeting female viewers and a reliance on star power, are expected to continue in this year's productions, while urban dramas will continue to build upon their already huge audience bases.


Jade Dynasty



Adapted from the online marital arts novel written by Xiao Ding, drama Jade Dynasty looks like it will be a definite hit. It boasts a cast of red-hot stars including Li Yifeng and TFBOYS. With such a huge built in fanbase, unless the show deviates completely from the original material it seems impossible for it not to cause a stir among TV viewers. The drama began filming on December 5 and is scheduled to hit the airwaves on Hunan TV later this year.


Ice Fantasy



Written by Guo Jingming, the novel is a fantasy story taking place in a world divided into two lands, one of ice and another of fire, and centers around the struggles between the two lands. One of the biggest productions this year, the drama has dedicated quite a lot of time and money on its special effects so as to recreate the fantasy world from the novel.


Chinese Paladin 5



This year's Chinese Paladin 5 is expected to maintain the franchise's high quality. After Hu Ge and Huo Jianhua, will Han Dongjun, who will play the lead in Chinese Paladin 5, be the next big Paladin star?


The Interpreter



Readers familiar with the original novel may understand the difficulty in adapting this novel. Sensitive plot lines about prostitution pose a difficult challenge when it comes to bringing this written work to the screen. How much of the original novel will be kept in the adaptation is a concern for many fans.



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