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Classic lines in ‘A journey, through time, with Anthony’

A journey, through time, with Anthony, chinese movie

Every now and then sunshine is warm making life extremely long.



The chance of meeting this person you are holding hands with now , is close to a miracle.



Gazing upon the moon makes me feel so small. All those feelings regarding my success my failure become so insignificant that they can be overlooked.

每次看月亮的时候 我都觉得那些困扰我和让我喜悦的失落和成就都好像是一样,根本什么都不是。


Can you see me …can you see me now …? I'm a naughty child making ten thousand messes just to make you notice me.

你看见我了么?我是一个坏孩子,坏一千遍,坏一万遍 …… 一直坏到你看到我。


The future that we have been so nervous and curious about is bright in our hearts.



Standing in a greenhouse full of cacti with a balloon named "happiness" in my hand.



If the person you like doesn't like you, wouldn't it still be lonely even if the whole world loves you?



On my way out of town I started pondering what travel really is.



So many people have lost faith in love, are you… one of them?



The starlight we see at night. How does it travel all those lonely light years?



I have crossed ocean of time to find you.



I like this part — — when you look at someone and they don't look away.



I began to immediately miss you, despite not having been separated for more than 24 hours. Despite being over 15000km away. I know you are there.


I have more love than you ever need.



When you show up, it seems only you and me left in the whole world.

你出现的时候,"哗" 的一声,世界就只剩下我们了。


When I'm at your side, it is like a button inside of my body gets turned off with a "pop".

亲爱的,和你一起的时候,好像身体里某个按钮,被"啪" 的一声关掉了。


He was laughing, just like that, "We will all grow old with the passing of each day, and die. Isn't that great?"



I don't know how to love you. Looking at you is the only way I know.



I want to find a box, store all the moments that you've touched me. When I don't like you as much, I can take them out and remember.



I think of you, wherever I am. When I'm alone, you are the main character of my mind. I am… jealous of you.



The so-called "life", all depends on who you meet.



I know that one day I will forget you. I don't have anticipation. I don't feel sad. I just know, that's all.



From the past until now even the future I just want to be with you.

从过去包括现在甚至是未来 我只想和你在一起。


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