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Chinlingo Chinese character: 春

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Winter has come. Will "春" (chūn, spring) be far behind?


In the Oracle Bone Script, "春" looks like grass growing in the sun. 


The modern Chinese language has inherited the ancient wisdom, so "春" has been simplified into an up-down structured character. The upper "" is a variant of grass, while the lower "" refers to the sun. The character embodies the season of spring with the image of grass growing in the sun. 


There is a Chinese saying, "一日之计在于晨,一年之计在于春" (yí rì zhī jì zài yú chén , yì nián zhī jì zài yú chūn), which means "the whole day's work depends on a good start in the morning, and the whole year's work depends on a good start in the spring". It indicates "春" is the most important season in a year. Without hard work in "春", one will not get a good harvest at the end of the year. 

中国习语有言:"一日之计在于晨,一年之计在于春"(yí rì zhī jì zài yú chén , yì nián zhī jì zài yú chūn)。此言说明"春"是四季中最重要的季节。只有在春季辛勤耕耘,年末才有好的收获。

In modern China, workers, merchants and farmers will start commuting between urban and rural areas by train during the Spring Festival, it's called 春运 (chūn yùn, transport during the Spring Festival). They look for jobs, make deals, or prepare seeds and fertilizers for ploughing and sowing. Their faces glow with happiness (春风满面, chūn fēnɡ mǎn miàn, one's face lit up with joy), yearning for a new life. 

在当代中国,春节(chūn jié)刚过,工人、商贩、农民纷纷乘着春运(chūn yùn)的火车,繁忙于城乡之间。有的为谋新工作、做买卖,有的为选购种子、肥料,准备犁田、播种。他们春风满面(chūn fēnɡ mǎn miàn),正展望着新的生活呢。

My friends, have you also made a plan in "春"? Come on share yours with Chinlingo! 


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