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Learn Chinese with QQ and WeChat

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As computers and smartphones become popular in our daily life, more and more people communicate via chatting applications. Foreigners, especially those living in China, have become familiar with such chatting tools as WeChat and QQ. With these applications, they can make friends with Chinese people and learn Chinese as well.


What are the benefits of online chatting for Chinese learning


1. Easy to find a chatting partner


There are few opportunities for a foreigner to talk with a native Chinese in the real life. But online chatting solves the problem. Everyone can find his or her chatting partner easily online. Moreover, many Chinese people are glad to talk with foreigners out of their eagerness to practice the foreign languages. 


2. Check whether you speak Chinese correctly


Online chatting distinguishes itself sharply from face-to-face chatting by that record of online chatting is kept in the mobile phones or computers. Even if you use voice-chatting, you can listen to the chatting record repeatedly after the chatting is over. So foreigners can check their grammar and pronunciation in the record, or ask a Chinese teacher to help with the uncertainties.


3. More colloquial expressions


Many intermediate and senior Chinese textbooks are not pragmatic. They provide many classic articles, which are impractical for foreigners to learn Chinese, and especially for those who just want to practice their speaking but don’t want to take a Chinese proficiency test. As young people account for a majority of online chatters, foreigners can learn many authentic colloquial expressions as well as new words. 


Of course, there are also disadvantages of online chatting for learning Chinese.


1. Unsmooth communication


Most netizens you are chatting with online are not professional Chinese teachers and they don’t know how to communicate with a foreigner in the simplest way, communication would always be halted. 


2. Inadvisable for Chinese beginners


Chinese beginners have little vocabulary and limited knowledge of grammar, but online chatters always use cyberspeak and abbreviations. Moreover, their grammar may not be right sometimes. Thus, that will bring negative influences on the beginners, so it is inadvisable to resort to online chatting for Chinese learning. 


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