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Chinlingo Chinese character: 笨

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The "笨笨" (bèn bèn: clumsy) clown brings us quite a few joys. His makeup highlights the comic effect. Moreover, the funny makeup looks exactly like the character "笨". Is it fun to see the clown-like character "笨" by Chinlingo? 

"笨笨"(bèn bèn:clumsy)的小丑给大家带来不少欢乐。他的妆容更为他的喜剧效果添色不少。这博众一笑的妆容还与汉字 "笨"(bèn)撞型了呢。看到Chinlingo的小丑版字卡"笨"觉不觉得有趣呢?

"笨" is up-down structured. At the top is the radical "" to indicate its original meaning, while in the bottom is the phonetic word "" (běn). "笨" and "本" share the same initials and finals, but "笨" is in the fourth tone. 


In modern Chinese, "笨" usually has two meanings: "stupid" and "clumsy". We may often hear such words "笨!1+1都算不出来! (bèn! 1+1 dōu suàn bù chū lái)", which means "You are so stupid. How can't you even work out the answer to 1+1?". Here, "笨" means "stupid". Then, see another example, "笨手笨脚" (bèn shǒu bèn jiǎo). Here, "笨" as well as the whole phrase means "clumsy". 

在现代汉语中,"笨",有两层意思常被使用。之一是指智商不高,不聪明,愚蠢的。我们常常会听到这样的教训:"笨!1+1都算不出来!"(bèn !1+1 dōu suàn bù chū lái:+翻译)

之二指的是肢体动作上的不灵活。比如:单词"笨手笨脚"(bèn shǒu bèn jiǎo)。

Chinlingo is "笨手笨脚" and wondering whether "笨" is drawn well. My friends, come on to give us some ideas that are not "笨" for our improvement! 

Chinlingo "笨手笨脚"的,不知道有没有把"笨"画好,朋友们,快给我们些不"笨"的主意让我们好好改进吧!

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