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Chinlingo Chinese character: Super idiot = 槑 (méi)

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The character "" (dāi) means "dull or silly". When two "呆" are combined, the degree of dullness is doubled as well. 


The character "槑" has been used creatively by millions of Chinese netizens to describe those who are silly and naïve. Moreover, they spare no effort to imagine "呆" on the left as a husband and that on the right as a wife, so as to create a dull couple. Such a couple is a new-generation one who get married at earlier ages and are not good at leading a life. 


This character is pronounced as "méi" rather than "dāi". It meant "plum blossom" in ancient Chinese. 


As it is so attractive, it was reborn after secondary creation by Chinese netizens. 


A language always evolves continuously when it is used. Although it is one of the oldest languages, Chinese sill keeps renewing itself. 


My friends, speed up your learning. May your journey of Chinese learning be pleasant and funny!


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