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Facts unworthy of a fuss for expats in China

Facts unworthy of a fuss for expats in China, negar kordi, dos and donts in china

Negar Kordi, an Iranian Canadian girl born in the 90s, has become a cewebrity across Chinese cyber space since she answered questions in 知乎 (Zhihu), the Chinese Quora, skillfully and humorously with Chinese catchwords. Many Chinese netizens even exclaimed for her, "怒刷好感" (immediate likes), "萌萌哒" (so cute), "中文水平十级" (HSK-6)".

最近,伊朗加拿大混血90后女孩 Negar Kordi 因为在中国大陆的“知乎”问答社区上的中文妙答而成为名符其实的“网红”。她在“知乎”上回答网友提问,熟练说出中国流行语,言语还自带幽默感,让不少网友直呼“怒刷好感”、“萌萌哒”、“中文水平十级”。

She loves "兰花" (lán huā) or orchid, so she gives herself a Chinese name , "兰兰". She has been in China for 5 years, and now is a senior of the Business Chinese major in Ningbo University, China.

因为喜欢兰花,Negar Kordi给自己取了一个中文名字——“兰兰”。兰兰来中国5年了,现在在宁波大学商务汉语专业念本科四年级。

"Chinese characters are so beautiful, picturesque." She said, "I found Japanese characters were as beautiful as pictures when I started to learn them. Later, after I found a country that used characters entirely, I came decisively without a delay."


The follows are her replies to the questions "Facts unworthy of a fuss for expats in China" in Zhihu. It is fairly brilliant. How do you like it? What about your answers? 



Don't be surprised to see a Chinese girl holding an umbrella in the summer. 


Chinese people speak loudly even when they are not having a quarrel. 



A spitter is usually a smoker, as a non-smoker will not spit publicly. 


One cannot survive in China without WeChat or Alipay.


QQ outshines all other online communication Apps, especially for video chatting. 


Chinese people stare at you probably because you're beautiful or handsome.


Some Chinese like eating dogs, but never seen eating cats or infants. 


It is not the fact that all Chinese people know how to play Kungfu, but they are good at math. 9X7=63, everyone knows it! Unbelievable!!!


Chinese people spend as much time on eating as our politicians do on bullshits. 


The First Lady is a beauty, while the President is a chunk. 


A Chinese train is a plane without wings.


High-rise blocks are emerging all over China. 


Make sure to know how to use Taobao and some taxi Apps as well as food ordering Apps. They really ensure you an easier life.


Not all Chinese people are "Asian" as we have seen. There are also white Chinese as well as Chinese looking like Russians, Turks, Iranians or Central Asians. 


You may regret for having not been to China, but you will get knocked out if you don't learn Chinese. 


It is really a wonderful country, imperfect but great.

17、CHINA(中国) 和 china(瓷器) 一样的美。

CHINA is as beautiful as china. 


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