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Chinlingo Chinese character: 钞票 and 钱


[Do you know?]

Both "钞票" and "钱" mean money. Is there any difference between them?




钞票 (chāo piào): banknote; papermoney

钱 (qián): money; fund; sum



 "钞票" is surely "钱", but "钱" is not necessarily "钞票". "钞票" cannot be used on an official occasion, but "钱" is not limited in this way.



√ 上复旦大学留学,一年需要多少钱?(shànɡ fù dàn dà xué liú xué, yì nián xū yào duō shǎo qián)

How much does it cost for a foreigner to study in Fudan University?

X 上复旦大学留学,一年需要多少钞票?


√ 王先生是个有钱人。(wánɡ xiān shenɡ shì ɡè yǒu qián rén)

Mr. Wang is wealthy.

X 王先生是个有钞票人。

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