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Chinlingo Chinese character: 闭 and 关


[Do you know?]

Both "闭" and "关" mean "close". Is there any difference between them?


闭 (bì): close; block or obstruct; conclude or end

关 (ɡuān): close down; lockup; turn off


 "关" can be either a verb or a noun; while "闭" can only act as a verb.


1.√ 闭上眼睛休息一会儿吧!(bì shànɡ yǎn jinɡ xiū xi yí huì ér bɑ)

    Close your eyes and take some break!

× 关上眼睛休息一会儿吧!

2.√ 奥运会明天闭幕。(ào yùn huì mínɡ tiān bì mù)

     The Olympic Games will close tomorrow.

× 奥运会明天关幕。

3.√ 他被关进了监狱。(tā bèi ɡuān jìn le jiān yù)

      He has been put into prison.

× 他被闭进了监狱。

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