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Chinlingo Chinese character: 夜



"夜" (yè) is someway a complicated character. So try to memorize its complicated strokes with the dynamic manner.


The starting stroke "丶" can be imagined as a star and the long horizontal stroke "一" below it as the sky. Below the horizontal stroke, on the left is the common radical "单人旁" or "single person radical", indicating a person, while the part next to it on the right is just like a big eye with winding lashes.


So "夜" comes down to the night sky + star + person + eye. You can memorize it with this sentence "open eyes to look at stars at night".


"夜"-rooted words that come in common use include "夜晚"(yè wǎn, night), "半夜"(bàn yè, midnight), "黑夜" (hēi yè, dark night) and so on. 

以"夜"为词根组成的常用词语有"夜晚"(yè wǎn:night)、"半夜"(bàn yè:midnight)、"黑夜"(hēi yè:dark nights)等。

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