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Chinlingo Chinese character: 平


The common character "" (pínɡ) means "flat or smooth". We can help you to memorize it easily with two symbols.


A triangle is the most stable geometric structure. "平" looks like an inverted triangle "" and the plus sign "+" combined together, so it is surely the most stable character.

在几何图形中,三角形是最稳固的形状。"平"的字形正像是由一个倒三角""和一个加号 "+"拼合而成。由此构造的汉字自然稳固无比。


With its basic meaning "flat or smooth", the character "平" has its extended meanings for the Chinese people.


In modern Chinese, "平" means "peaceful" or "stable", as in "平安" (pínɡ ān, safe), "平稳" (pínɡ wěn, stable) and "和平" (hé pínɡ, peace). In addition, it has another common meaning, "impartial; equal". For example, "平等" (pínɡ děnɡ) means "equal", and "平局" (pínɡ jú) means a draw. 

在现代汉语中,"平"指"安宁的"、"平稳的"。 比如,单词"平安"(pínɡ ān)、"平稳"(pínɡ wěn)、"和平"(hé pínɡ)等。"平"还另有一个常用含义,即是不相上下的。比如,单词"平等"(pínɡ děnɡ)指的是对等、相等的待遇。 "平局"(pínɡ jú)则指的是不分胜负的比赛结果。

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