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jí kè: geek in Chinese

geek in Chinese, learning Chinese

The word "极客 (jí kè)" (geek) originally meant someone weird or outside of the mainstream. It gradually evolved to refer to someone who is crazy about computers and network technology, and spending a lot of time on it. It also refers to someone who is keen on intellectual pursuit. A "极客 (jí kè)" is enthusiastic about his/her hobby regardless of others' opinions.



The hobbies of real "极客 (jí kè)" include technology, science, gaming and fantasy fiction.



There are countless examples that show "极客文化 (jí kè wén huà)" (geek culture) is becoming more and more mainstream. The once-marginalized culture is increasingly popular among people.



One reason that "极客文化 (jí kè wén huà)" has become more mainstream is because technology now is an ubiquitous part of nearly everyone's daily life – you can say the mainstream culture is catching up to the lifestyle of "极客 (jí kè)".



Now the word "极客 (jí kè)" doesn't have a negative meaning any more. Many young millennials are fond of thinking critically and learning about technology related fields in their daily life. They are glad and proud to accept the title of a "极客 (jí kè)". From gadgets to social networks, including video games, the decision to embrace new technology is now considered to be a more mainstream behavior.



Many "极客 (jí kè)" never get bored of creating new things. For example, for many programmers, their work's real attraction is the fact that they can create a "world" through coding. Like other creative people, such as artists, cooks or musicians, they obsess over the intellectual challenges and pleasures of making something new and interesting.



Are you wondering if you are a "极客 (jí kè)" too now? If so, congratulations! You are now considered to be a cool person!


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