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3D fantasy adventure movie: Mojin – The Lost Legend


After only two full days in cinemas, Chinese fantasy-action film Mojin – The Lost Legend earned 700 million yuan ($108 million) at the Chinese mainland box office by 6:00 pm Sunday, according to Chinese box office website cbooo.cn.


Hitting cinemas on Friday, the film earned 168 million yuan on opening day, accounting for 73.46 percent of all domestic box office earnings.


Ticket sales continued to rise on Saturday as the film earned another 224 million. The film has broken several records for the Chinese mainland including highest midnight screening box office for a domestic 3D film.


Industry insiders estimate that it’s highly likely Mojin – The Lost Legend will break the 2.44 billion yuan total box-office record Monster Hunt set in July.


Mojin – The Lost Legend was adapted from the last four volumes of the hit Chinese tomb-robbing book series Ghost Blows Out the Light by author Tianxia Bachang. It stars a cast of Chinese A-listers, including Huang Bo, Chen Kun, Shu Qi and Yang Ying.


The series has been immensely popular since the first novel was published online in 2006. The first book in the series was also adapted into a feature film, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe. Hitting cinemas back in September, Chronicles saw only mediocre box office results, earning a total of 682 million yuan to date.



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