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The meaning of “yuándàn” and its customs in China

Chinese New Year, the first day of a year in Chinese, learning Chinese

In Chinese, we put "元 (yuán)", meaning the beginning, and "旦 (dàn)", meaning day, together to resemble the first day of a year, "元旦 (yuán dàn)".


元, here means begin/start/initate/ not the Chinese Yuan, as in RMB or currency.


旦 means the sun rising from skyline which is the beginning of a day.


元旦, is the beginning of a year, or the first day of a year, representing a new start.


In the past, the Chinese considers "元旦" to be the first day of the lunar calendar, it's what we called "春节(chūn jié)" or "Spring Festival"


Since the western calendar introduced to our country, the phrase "元旦" is especially used on New Year's Day.


What about the costoms of 元旦 in China? Check out this video and you will find out!


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