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Chinlingo Chinese character: 暗 and 黑

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Both "暗" and "黑" mean "dark". Is there any difference between them?




暗 (àn): dark; hidden or secret

黑 (hēi): secret or unlawful; black (opposite to "white"); wicked or sinister



"暗" and "黑" can be exchanged only when they are used as adjectives to mean "dark".



√ 屋子里光线太暗,容易伤眼睛。(wū zi lǐ ɡuānɡ xiàn tài àn , rónɡ yì shānɡ yǎn jinɡ)

It is dark in the room, which hurts eyes.



√ 不要到黑市上去换钱。(bú yào dào hēi shì shànɡ qù huàn qián)

Don't exchange money in the black market.

X 不要到暗市上去换钱。

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